Interested in giving your pup a holiday of their own? Use this form below to sign up!

NOTE: Filling out this form does not guarantee a spot. Please call the kennel at 585-494-0220 or email us to confirm your spot.

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Emergency Information

I would like you to contact in case, and I cannot be reached, and there is an emergency situation to make decisions on the care of my animal. If this person cannot be reached at this , I leave it up to the discretion of the kennel personnel to respond to the emergency. I will be responsible for any medical charges up to and including (must be $150 or more to cover the cost of an emergency vet visit) should a situation arise.

*Dog Holiday Kennel is not responsible for any lost or damaged items left at the kennel during your pet’s stay. All
beds must be machine washable.*

Tell us about your pooch

Has your dog ever bitten anyone? YesNo

Has your dog ever been abused? YesNo

Does your pet become unreasonably anxious when left alone? YesNo
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All dogs at dog holiday are released into fenced exercise yards. Some dogs are
Placed in yards with other dogs to play.

All prices are PER TIME

WALK ($6.50 for 1 dog, $9.00 for 2 dogs)
ONE ON ONE TIME WITH STAFF MEMBER (twenty minutes)($6.50)
TREAT: PIG EAR OR PB KONG ($2.00 for 1 dog, $1.50 each add’l)
DAYCARE all day - 8 hours - ($12.00 1 dog $18.00 for 2)
DAYCARE 1⁄2 day - 4 hours - ($9.00 for 1 dog and $13.50 FOR 2 dogs)

Medical Information:

Does your dog have any reactions to the following?
rawhidepig earbeefchickenpeanut butter

Does your dog or cat have any of the following?
Seizures YesNo

Heart Disease YesNo

Arthritis YesNo

Allergies YesNo

Is your dog/cat currently on any medication YesNo