At Dog Holiday Kennel, we want to provide your dog with the best possible time. We believe that while you’re on vacation, your dog should be on vacation too and we want them to have fun. With that in mind, we’d like to give you an idea of the sort of things we offer!

What We Offer to All Dogs

The way our kennel works is very different from a lot of other local kennels. We don’t offer in-door out-door runs. We don’t believe they’re the right way to give your dog the best time while they’re here. So what we do offer is 10 fenced-in lawns for 4 play times throughout the day, each taking between 20 to 30 minutes.

Our kennel workers bring each of the dogs out to play, so they get plenty of time with humans and cuddles. Then they go potty and get to run around and play. Remember – a tired dog is a happy dog. And if they get along with other dogs, we let them out with their friends – but if they don’t that’s okay too! We let them out into their own yard by themselves.

You can bring your own food, toys, blanket, etc., to keep your pup comfortable. However, we do provide a house food – Purina – if you would like. We have no difference in price for using our food. We give milkbones (or equivalent) to each pup.

Extras We Offer

All of these extras can be used every day, every other day, one time, or whatever you’d like!

Group Play:

This is playtime with other dogs – different from regular outs in that it can be used for a half day (4 hours) or a full day (8 hours). They only come in for lunch during the full day playtime period. It’s out-doors if the weather allows and in-doors otherwise.

Of course, we don’t let the doggies be alone together if they don’t get along, so we carefully watch them until we know they get along. After this, we keep an eye on them in the yard, never leaving them alone without being watched for more than 10 minutes.

Owners pay for this per day their pup gets Group Play

Group Play all day – 8 hours ($12.00 1 dog, $18.00 for 2)
Group Play 1/2 day – 4 hours ($9.00 1 dog, $13.50 for 2)

One on One Time With Staff:

20 minute playtime or quiet snuggle time with a staff member. This depends on if the dog wants to play and run around, or if they’re more a lap dog and want extra pets.

Owners pay per One on One Time.


A 20 minute walk down the road or along the woods. We go at each dog’s pace and suggest this if your pup has a hard time with being kenneled or get overwhelmed. It takes them out of the building, giving them a bit of a break.

Owner pays per Walk. 


A treat that the pup usually receives that they would usually receive during bed-time. Either pig ears or frozen peanut butter Kongs.

Owners pay per Treat.

Bath and Nails:

We offer baths and nail trimming when the pups are bored! We use hypoallergenic shampoo and a conditioner that will make them smell great for a long time!

We also offer Doggy Day Care, starting at 7am on Weekdays. Pick up is between 4pm and 6pm. The dogs get to play in a group, come in for lunch and then play in a group again.

Doggy Day Care starts at 8am instead of 7am on Weekends.

Doggy Day Care is $19 per day.

We hope that this is helpful in giving you an idea of what we offer! If you have any questions call us at 585-494-0220, or if you want to set up a tour, get in contact with us!